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No body plans to fail. But everybody fails to plan. To avoid this pitfall A R EXPOTRIM is meticulously managed by team of highly qualified technocrats and committed professionals, with and eagle - eye on quality and timely deliveries / shipments. Our foolproof system of multi-point checking and parallel production doubly ensures that only the quality garments is manufactured within short period. To put it cryptically “Ours is a TQM company”.

We have got a well-organized quality assurance team which looks in to the minutiae of quality management through continuous online checks from incoming
Fabric to finished garments using the latest monitoring technologies which ensures the garment is flawless

Style is as important as quality is significant. All our projects are subject to in – house scrutiny for multiple times. The scrutiny begins from the reception of raw materials. The raw materials procured form outside are checked thoroughly by the experts to determine the parity between their quality standards and ours.

Ones cleared, the raw materials are adopted for manufacturing. The manufacturing process is a very closely watched one. The process is divided into several halves for the purpose of better monitoring.
The products matching the quality criteria in a given stage of development graduate to the succeeding stage. Thus we ensure minimization in possibility of lapses in quality surveillance process.
Our fabrics are made to high quality standards with proper dimensional stability, color fastness, shrinkage control and uniform dyeing. Each product is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best in terms of quality and design reaches the market.